Local 225 Members Step-Up at GOTV Conference

Nine member leaders from the Southeastern Carpenters - including three from Local 225 - represented our council very well at the UBC’s GOTV 2022 Conference.

Local 225's Representative Daniel Hicks and members Jean Hilaire and Cruz Mejia-Rodriguez displayed professionalism and determination to learn how best to communicate the facts and issues that surround the 2022 election cycle to their fellow brothers and sisters back in Atlanta.

Congratulations and job well done to (pictured, left to right): Jason McCorkle, Dan Morris, SECRC Political Director Brett A. Hulme, (Local 225's) Jean Hilaire, Sean Pressburg, (Local 225's) Cruz Mejia-Rodriguez, Sidney Ellis, John Naas, and (Local 225 Representative) Daniel Hicks.

Local 225's leaders joined leaders from around the UBC's Southern District at the Conference